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Dealing with minor septic system problems? Don't wait until you've got a full-scale plumbing emergency on your hands - get in touch with Anita's Vacuum Service for septic system repairs. We are a family-owned business!


Anita's Vacuum Service offers you an array of septic repair services, ranging from equipment care to system maintenance. Let our experienced team refurbish an outdated septic pump or install a brand new model! We can also locate and expose your tank for additional maintenance and cleaning services, all with NO hidden fees or charges!

Anita's Vacuum Service is also your source for septic tank cleaning! Whether it's using a bacterial additive and other chemicals to clean your system or hydro-jet cleaning for your inlet and outlet lines, Anita's Vacuum Service is your go-to resource for quality septic system maintenance and cleaning. We'll even scrape down the walls of your tank to remove excess waste for a thorough cleaning!


Contact Anita's Vacuum for 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICES or to schedule a FREE estimate on the cost of your septic system care and septic tank services!

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