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Grease trap

Anita's Vacuum Service is your one-stop shop for grease trap care and service! Our team offers full-service baffle and piping inspections for both your incoming and outgoing lines, along with pump-out service. We'll let you know if we find any problems during our comprehensive inspection so that you can address the issue.


With Anita's Vacuum Service, there's NO minimum gallon size needed to call for pumping. You may be eligible to SAVE with DISCOUNTS for senior citizens and military service members - contact our team today for more information!

Don't take your grease traps for granted! Your business depends on grease traps to stop cooking waste from fouling drains and pipes, which can lead to extensive plumbing issues. Enlist Anita's Vacuum Service to keep your grease traps clean and functioning their best.


Anita's Vacuum Service is available 24/7 for EMERGENCY SERVICES and can save you from a grease trap nightmare.

Enlist experienced professionals for grease trap care

SAVE on grease trap services with special DISCOUNTS

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